Wake, Inc. has established itself as the leading worldwide supplier of wireless concrete maturity (ASTM C1074) and temperature monitoring and reporting solutions.

Utilizing the most advanced durable wireless temperature sensing technology, both handheld and remote wireless solutions are available allowing for ease of collecting temperature logs in the field or while working from your office location.

There is no need to directly connect a device to each temperature logger to download your temperature logs!

Our Rugged Wireless Concrete Temperature Sensors Meters/Loggers/Tags have long-life 5+ year batteries with low cost sacrificial probes. Go wireless for $35 ea. Why pay $85 for a logger?

Each sealed wireless concrete temperature logger contains its own wireless radio frequency identification (RFID), chip and either an internal temperature sensor or external probe with a lead available in lengths of two, four, six or eight meters.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most-advanced, quality products at a reasonable price. From initial consultation to project completion, you can be assured of Wake, Inc.'s commitment to your complete satisfaction. Contact us today to see how Wake, Inc. can help you with your concrete maturity monitoring needs.

Ask us why Wireless resistance temperature detector (RTD) technology is a better solution for concrete temperature logging than outdated thermocouple devices.

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