Learn more about the components - Concrete Maturity (ASTM C1074) Monitoring System (using RFID instead of wires)...

Introduction to Concrete Maturity - a detailed guide to using RFID to provide accurate concrete maturity data.

Concrete Maturity Testing in Michigan - February 2004 by Andrew J. DeFinis P.E. A white paper on Wireless Concrete Monitoring System. (PDF file: 4.6 MB) NEW White Paper!

Concrete Solutions - Summer 2003 Edition - by Robert Risser, Jr., Executive Director of Michigan Concrete Paving Association.

New Technology Puts Road Work in the Fast Lane - Reprint of article by David R. Miller, Associate Editor of CAM (Construction Association of Michigan)

Maturity Meters: A Concrete Success - a reprint from the October 2002 edition of FOCUS published by the Federal Highway Administration.

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White Paper on Concrete Maturity by Will Hansen, Ph.D.
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i-TOWER Solar Power

The HardTrack Solution

The HardTrack Solution

Our Concrete Maturity (ASTM C1074) Monitoring System uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which allows you to receive the in-situ temperature of the concrete wirelessly. You will actually be able to read the temperature data right through the concrete!

This engineer is receiving his concrete maturity temperature while sitting in his truck at the side of the road.

Fifty years ago, engineers discovered the many advantages "Concrete Maturity" had over the destructive process of measuring the strength of the concrete.

However, because there were so many problems inherent in the capture of in-situ temperatures using sensors and wires, "Concrete Maturity" has been slow in being accepted.

Now you can have RFID with built in temperature logger and no more broken wires! You will be amazed at how simple wireless concrete maturity using RFID has become!

    • Bury the RFID tag or just the probe.
    • Cover it with concrete.
    • The RFID tag collects the temperature data.
    • Retrieve the data as frequently as you wish.
    • Nothing to hook up!
    • Loggers last for 5+ years!

Compared to the destructive method where you break the cylinders or beams, concrete maturity is:

    • Easier
    • Safer
    • Faster
    • More Reliable
    • More Accurate
    • Cost Effective

i-TOWER Turbine & Solar Power

Access Your Temperature Logs Remotely

Take advantage of HardTrack Desktop Wireless, with the added ability of accessing your Temperature Logs remotely. With the installation of the i-TOWER, which contains both a wireless connection to your temperature tags and to the Internet or a local network at your construction site.

You will be able to access and download your temperature logs from your home office or the construction site office without the need to walk the construction site holding the Handheld device. This will save you time, money and free up your Engineers so that they are available for other value added activities.

Cellular Internet Connections can be made to and from the i-TOWER with the built-in 3G/4G Hot-Spot using popular cellular carries, such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Rogers, Bell, Telus & Telstra.