Listed below are some of our Clients . . .

Our clients include large, multinational corporations and smaller firms and organizations, all of whom recognize Wake, Inc’s attention to detail.

Administrative / Education / Government

University of Michigan -
      Ann Arbor, Michigan
Michigan Department
      of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration –
      Research Center
      McLean, Virginia
University of Kentucky/Kentucky
      Transportation Center at
      Lexington, Kentucky
California Department
      of Transportation

Port Authority of
      New York / New Jersey
Minnesota Department
      of Transportation
World Center for Concrete
      Technology, Alpena Community
      College at Alpena, Michigan
University of Maryland -
      College Park, Maryland
Morgan State University -
      Baltimore, Maryland
Minnesota State University –
      Mankato, Minnesota


Ajax Paving Industries
C. A. Hull Co.
H. H. Holmes Testing Laboratories
Hubble, Roth and Clark, Inc.
Interstate Highway Construction
Lane Construction Co.
Material Testing Consultants, Inc.
Peter Kiewit Construction

Professional Services, Inc. (PSI)
Shimmick Construction
Soils & Materials Engineers, Inc.
Soils and Structures, Inc.
Tony Angelo Cement Construction
Triangle Associates, Inc.
Walsh Construction
Walter Toebe Construction Co

Wake, Inc. is comprised of individuals that are leaders in business and technology with many years of experience working in construction related organizations.

Wake, Inc. provides the leading wireless concrete maturity and temperature monitoring solutions worldwide. Wake’s solution is known as HardTrack.

Wake has established itself by providing wireless concrete monitoring solutions for large concrete pours allowing projects to progress to the next phases of construction in as little as one third of the typical time. Among other things, the HardTrack solution provides real-time information for making critical decisions related to safety and resource planning. Knowing when it is safe to raise a construction platform to the next deck in a high-rise building or when to have a crew at a time sensitive Interstate paving project to remove forms is invaluable and mission critical to those involved in the project.

HardTrack users range from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Departments of Transportation (DOT’s) to, structural engineers and testing firms to international construction and contracting companies as well as national paving contractors.

Wake prides itself on being agile and sensitive to each of our client’s unique needs.

NOVA Award Recipient.

The Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) created the NOVA Award in 1989 to recognize and advance significant innovation in all areas of the construction industry around the world. The CIF is an international, non-profit organization formed in 1987 to recognize and encourage innovation that improves the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of construction.