Wake equips our clients with proven, state of the art technology. This technology assists our users with achieving their goal of providing competitive pricing by operating more efficiently, completing projects on time and on budget, lowering risk and increasing safety.

     Below is a short list of projects using HardTrack:

India Suspension Bridge

India's first wire suspended bridge built on the sea at Mumbai. The Bridge on the Sea connects Bandra in south Mumbai with Worli in North Mumbai and stands as a fine example of the Indian Engineers skills.

Freedom Tower

The New York City Freedom Tower, which will stand 1,776 feet tall on the site of the former World Trade Center, is the work of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.

HardTrack was used on the foundation and all of the decks that were poured for the Freedom Tower/World Trade Center in NYC

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North Kent Sewer Authority

North Kent Sewer Authority (NKSA) and the new PARCC Side Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Shimmick Construction

Shimmick Construction was awarded a $111M contract as part of this project that will serve 11 major transportation systems in the City of San Francisco. "Shimmick was awarded the TG06.0 Below Grade Structural Concrete Substructure, Waterproofing, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Package for the new Center. The major portion of the work includes the placement of over 100,000 cubic yards of structural concrete for the mat slab (Train Platform Level), below grade perimeter walls, columns and suspended concourse slab level."

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Peter Kiewit Constuction

The first phase of the General Civil works for the Spillway Replacement Project at Pointe du Bois was awarded to Peter Kiewit Infrastructure (PKI).

Ajax Paving & TTL Associates

Paving Projects at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

I-96 Metro Detroit Paving Project. From The Detroit News: "The Michigan Department of Transportation will close the freeway between Newburgh and Telegraph (U.S. 24) for a $148 million "from the dirt up" rebuild of the roadway that was installed in the 1970s."

I-75 Paving Projects.